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Michael Ghinelli and Hadi Parhizkaran, 21 and 20 respectively, decided to use their savings, earned during their high school days working as waiters and busboys, to start their own business. They combined their saving and purchased their first Pizza Club store in Edgewater earlier this year.


Despite the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Michael and Hadi luckily were allowed to remain open, persevered and just like their days as waiters, they continued to save every cent of their earnings and thus were able to use that capital to open their 2nd store in Garfield.


Sometimes I have to “pinch myself” said Michael my partner Hadi is 20 and not old enough to buy a beer. I just turned 21 and we own two restaurants. We both felt the traditional route of going to college and into debt in doing so was not a viable option for us. Hadi and I enjoyed working together as waiters at the Blue Moon in Wyckoff but more importantly we unquestionably trusted each other. This formed the foundation for our collaboration together and it has proven to be a wise decision and very successful endeavor.”


Mission Statement

Most people think if you don’t go to college, you’re a loser but these kids are showing that it is possible to make something of yourself even if the classroom was not one’s strong suit. Here’s their mission statement “Pizza Club’s mission is to help break the view that kids who dropout of traditional education won’t excel in business by offering paths to corporate positions based on hard work.”.


They plan to keep expanding and give many non-college kids, who start out at a minimum wage job, a chance to work there way up to a corporate position.

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For now, after years of working minimum wage jobs, Ghinelli and Parhizkaran are working on something they’ve wanted to do “from the very beginning” -- show non-college kids that they can forge their own paths and “break the mold.”


 Valerie Musson - Daily Voice

A pair of college dropouts from Wyckoff are taking Bergen County's pizza scene by storm.



Owners Michael Ghinelli and Hadi Parhizkaran aren’t even 22 years old yet. But the college dropouts are finding success running their now two pizzerias.